3 Tree Service Tips All Homeowners Should Abide By


The trees in your yard are meant to be beautiful, health-inducing property value boosters that make your entire landscape look beautiful. That is, if you are mindful of the way you take care of these trees. As a homeowner, you should follow these three tree care guidelines below in order to get the best health possible out of your trees. To this end, read on and put these points into action for all of your trees.

7 August 2015

Four Tips For Better Land Management Using Modern Technologies


If you want to manage your farm in a modern way, technology is essential. There is a lot of information you can get from things like GPS, land mapping and even using drones on your land. With the right technology, you land can be much more productive. If you want to have better ways to manage your land, here are some technologies you may want to consider: 1. Using GPS Guidance For Agricultural Equipment

26 June 2015

4 Tips For Landscaping A Small Outdoor Space


If you live in a home, apartment, condo, or townhouse with a very small backyard or only a patio space, you may feel limited in your landscaping options. But don't think that an area that is small in size automatically means that you can't have a beautiful outdoor living space. Use the following tips to landscape a small outdoor space: Create a Container Garden You don't need a lot of land to have a beautiful garden!

15 June 2015

3 Steps To Getting Familiar With Surveyor Documentation


Regardless of whether or not you're purchasing a home or selling a home, you need to make absolutely sure that you are able to read the land surveying documents correctly. Land surveying documents locate the boundaries of your land and make note of who is encroaching on these boundaries and for what purpose. Every time land changes hands, it needs to go through the surveying process in order to make sure that any changes to boundaries or to the property around your boundaries are accurately marked.

12 June 2015

Six Basic Lawn And Garden Tools You'll Need For Your New Home


If you've just purchased your first home and your move-in date is looming, it's the perfect time to start making sure you have all of the supplies you need for your new endeavor. A big difference between living in an apartment and living in a house is that now you have to take care of your own lawn and gardens. While there are a plethora of tools you can purchase for these tasks, you should make sure you have these six essentials right off the bat:

4 June 2015

Three Tips for Improving the Functioning of Your Cone Crusher


In order to increase the output of your gravel pit or mine, you need to streamline the production process as much as possible. One potential bottleneck is the crusher. Because all of your raw material has to pass through the grinder, you need to make sure that the grinder operates as smoothly as possible. Optimizing the function of your crusher will help you to reach production goals.  Using a Good Screening Process

3 June 2015

Wood Chip Your Way To A Beautiful Yard


Country living offers you plentiful vegetation and wildlife. The trees alone make the surroundings beautiful. They are so tall, so green, so life-affirming. That is until they die and topple over, leaving you with a big mess and a disposal problem. Hiring someone to haul off your dead trees is expensive. Some companies charge $70 to $150 dollars an hour for branch chipping and hauling, and if your dead tree is a tall one, well, you will be paying a lot of green to clean up your yard.

2 June 2015

Alfalfa Cubes: An Excellent Nutritional Source For Geriatric Horses


Alfalfa cubes are large cubes of chopped and compressed alfalfa hay. Although they are more expensive than loose or baled hay, they have advantages for geriatric horses that are worth the cost. What Is a Geriatric Horse? Geriatric horses, also called "hard keepers," are senior horses with issues that make it difficult to maintain their health. These issues can include stress from pain, dental problems, immune system insufficiency or gastrointestinal inefficiency.

20 May 2015