Get the Most Out of Your Compact Utility Loader


If you are lucky enough to have a compact utility loader, you have a piece of equipment that can take care of almost all your outdoor or heavy chores. While you may have purchased it to take care of all the overgrowth on your property, do not use it simply as a lawn mower. Here are just a few of the more obscure tasks it can accomplish for you.


If you are going to be starting a garden, there can be a bunch of things you need to do to the area. If there are rocks and debris, they need to be picked out. Any hard soil needs to be loosened and broken up, and high spots should be lowered while low spots should be filled in. You can get all this done with one pass of one attachment. Add the power-box rake to the loader and run it across the area to be prepped. You will have a great garden bed in no time.


When you have an auger attached to your loader, you can dig holes easily. This can be handy when you need to get to a break in the plumbing, want to plant a tree, or need a soil sample from down deep. You can choose from a variety of auger sizes to get a job done. Most pieces are capable of boring a wide range of different sizes, so getting one with the widest range will fit almost all your needs.


If you are going to need to level an area of the ground, a leveler is a vital piece of equipment. It is designed to scrape up and hold dirt when the area is too high and will allow excess dirt to fall into lower areas. In addition, the leveler piece can be used to move things around the yard. Put a piece of plywood on the leveler, and it can act as a platform. No more hauling stuff around in wheel barrels or by hand.

Find the parts that will be able to do more than one type of task and save money. Consider your yard and what needs to be done. When you have the right equipment, you will save money on having to pay someone to do a job for you. However, be prepared to be called by friends and neighbors because they want you to help them with yard work. Of course, you can always charge a nominal fee for this and make a bit of money on the side. There is no reason to not get the most out of the equipment you have. It might help you to buy more equipment and parts and get even more work done.


14 November 2016

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When my husband suggested that we begin growing some crops on the property that we inherited, I was very reluctant to agree. I knew nothing about planting anything larger than a small garden that I grow every year. That is why I began researching what type of equipment we would need, what it would take to maintain that equipment and how much time we would have to dedicate to planting on 30 acres. I created my blog to help others that are considering the same thing find the answers to the many questions that took me quite a while to dig up the answers to.