3 Tree Service Tips All Homeowners Should Abide By


The trees in your yard are meant to be beautiful, health-inducing property value boosters that make your entire landscape look beautiful. That is, if you are mindful of the way you take care of these trees. As a homeowner, you should follow these three tree care guidelines below in order to get the best health possible out of your trees. To this end, read on and put these points into action for all of your trees. 

‚ÄčTake The Time And Effort To Properly Mulch Your Trees

The way you mulch your trees can be the difference between health and vibrancy and a tree that dies before it's time. Good quality mulch will protect your tree's soil and deeply embedded roots from the elements, allowing it to prosper. When adding mulch, create a perimeter between 3 to 10 feet around the tree and pack the mulch up to 4 inches in depth. Never let the mulch come into contact with the tree trunk and always be sure that you are properly watering the tree once the mulch is in place.

Learn How To Prune Your Trees

As a tree owner, you will need to learn some pruning do's and don'ts. For best results, at least get an assessment from an arborist for handling any kind of pruning that you need. This assessment will prevent you from pruning your trees for no reason. The over pruning of trees will inevitably killed the plant before its time. Further, always look into the health of your tree after a serious storm has occurred to make sure that you can then provide the pruning that it will need. Learning the proper methods of pruning will save you plenty of trouble and allow you to get the best health out of your tree over the course of several years.

Get Professional Help From A Licensed And Insured Tree Service Contractor

A quality way to keep your tree in great shape is to partner with an accredited tree service professional in your area. They will stop by and care for your trees from time to time throughout the years to be sure that your trees are prosperous and in good health. Contracting with such a tree service professional will keep your trees green and healthy, which is an excellent investment not only into your landscape, but your property overall.

Follow these steps so that the trees in your yard are always well nourished. Contact a company like Sylvester's Tree Service for more tips.


7 August 2015

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