Three Tips for Improving the Functioning of Your Cone Crusher


In order to increase the output of your gravel pit or mine, you need to streamline the production process as much as possible. One potential bottleneck is the crusher. Because all of your raw material has to pass through the grinder, you need to make sure that the grinder operates as smoothly as possible. Optimizing the function of your crusher will help you to reach production goals. 

Using a Good Screening Process

If you are processing ore, you want to make sure that you only pass ore-bearing rock through the crusher. If you are operating a gravel pit, you need to screen out any rock that is already the target size. Non-ore-bearing rock will simply take up room in your crusher, which means it will slow down the extraction of your ore. Similarly, rock that is already the target size will simply take up room in your crusher. Thus, employing a screen which will extract rock before it reaches the crusher will make sure that only rock that needs to be crushed reaches the crushing mechanism. 

Make Sure the Crusher Is Consistently Fed

In order to promote the optimum functioning of your crushers and to reduce wear and tear, you need to make sure that your crusher has a consistent feed. A cone crusher has a circular-shaped cone. If rock is not fed into your crusher evenly, you will get wear only on one side of your crusher. On the other hand, too much rock will cause ore to spill out of the feeder chute and possibly into the finished rock coming out of the chute. You need to employ a hopper that will ensure a consistent feed to your crusher. 

Caring for the Mantle

The spindle inside your crusher comes with a protective mantle. While this mantle can handle a lot of abuse, it will wear out, and when it does, your spindle will be exposed to damage. While replacing the mantle requires shutting down your grinder, the loss in production and repair costs will still be cheaper than the cost and loss of production involved in replacing a damaged grinder. 

Cone crushers can be a valuable asset, but like any asset, they must be properly set up and maintained in order to function properly. Setting up a screen and hopper will take a little extra time and money, but the increase in production will more than justify the expense.  The only slow down should be checking your crusher for wear so that you know when to schedule maintenance. 


3 June 2015

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