Wood Chip Your Way To A Beautiful Yard


Country living offers you plentiful vegetation and wildlife. The trees alone make the surroundings beautiful. They are so tall, so green, so life-affirming. That is until they die and topple over, leaving you with a big mess and a disposal problem. Hiring someone to haul off your dead trees is expensive. Some companies charge $70 to $150 dollars an hour for branch chipping and hauling, and if your dead tree is a tall one, well, you will be paying a lot of green to clean up your yard. Since the dead tree problem is a recurring one, finding a store with wood chippers for sale is a logical step.

Wood Chippers

Wood chippers are a safe and efficient way to dispose of sticks, limbs, and even entire trees. You can also use the resulting wood chips for landscaping, fire tinder, or even home decorating. These tools are quite useful for those owning any type of wooded property, but if you live out in the countryside, they are a near necessity.


Wood chippers come with either gas engines or electric ones, and they commonly have two chutes. One cuts limbs and wood chunks into chips. The other is for turning leaves and wood bits into mulch. The "chipping" apparatus is usually a disc surrounded by sharp blades that can annihilate dead wood in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, wood chippers come with a self-feeding feature, meaning you just need to insert the wood and keep your hands far from the chopping blades. Also, if you put too much wood into them, the drive belt will "disengage," stopping the chipper before it overheats. These machines are certainly not toys, but they are not dangerous if handled properly.


Many hardware stores or chain stores have a number of wood chippers for sale. If you do live in the country where tree disposal is a common need, you will want to buy one that falls between the most basic models and the commercial big boys. Obviously, the cheaper models are meant for minimal branch removal, so they are not a good bet for country life.

How much wood can a wood chipper chip? It depends on how much money you are willing to spend. If you do live on a wooded property, investing in one of these machines will save you money on tree disposal. The beauty of the woods comes with a cost. You can reduce that cost by investing in a wood chipper.  


2 June 2015

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